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Friday, March 21, 2014

You know you're pregnant when....

1. You're baby is only the size of a shrimp and you're already taking an extra pee stop in the middle of the night

(Meet Almond!  Due September 14th)

 2. 10 hours of sleep still leaves you tired

 3. You crave things like soup, and anything not in the house.

 4. Your milk supply goes down if you already have a child and are BFing, but that child doesn't seem to care.

 5. It gets harder to control your responses to sensitive subjects.

 6. You tear up from any family related movie or talk. 

 7. Your poop changes. Enough said.

 8. You can't remember if you said something out loud or only in your head. Or really you can't remember at all!

 9. Your list of things to do before baby only multiplies as due date gets closer.

 10. If it's your first, you think you're having The Chosen One and you've taken pictures every month . If it's your second or so on, ain't nobody got time to reflect on being pregnant! Haha...well, at least not without your other child(ren) making it close to impossible.